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Hanna4Hope host workshops that cover facts about suicide, warning signs, and cyberbullying. Participants will learn leadership skills to help them take initiative, and everyone will leave with a practical toolkit of how to respond to a teen in crisis. Each workshop is about three hours and includes a meal. The exercises are interactive, and the speakers are experts in the field. By addressing both parents and teens, the goal is to open a dialogue about mental health and suicide that can save more lives.

The Hanna4Hope Community Workshop is a 3-hour in depth interactive workshop held in communities, churches and corporate organizations with breakout sessions to provide youth, parents, counselors, educators, church organizations and communities an opportunity to learn from experts within their field about mental health, depression and suicide affecting our community today.  Survivors of suicide share their story of hope and overcoming the challenges of depression.   You will be trained on how to identify the signs of someone struggling and how to get them the help they need and be a resource to your peers and community.

School Assembly

In addition, Hanna4Hope also offers school districts the opportunity to have a Student Club curriculum for middle and high school students. Club members are trained on the warning signs of teen suicide, allowing them to serve as student ambassadors in the fight against teen suicide. Hanna4Hope provides the materials and resources for committee members to address topics such as bullying, dating violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and other behaviors that increase the risk of suicide. 

Hanna4Hope routinely sends representatives to North Texas schools to speak at assemblies, rallies and other student gatherings, opening the eyes and ears of thousands who may not otherwise be engaged in conversations about this issue. These assemblies serve as the point of entry for many program participants, allowing Hanna4Hope to reach large numbers of teens with critical information and training that may save their lives, or the lives of their peers. Teens with whom the Hanna4Hope message resonates are encouraged to get involved in a more committed manner, by establishing Student Clubs and Teen Committees. 

The Hanna4Hope School Assembly presentation is an interactive program that allows students to hear straight and honest dialogue with respect to depression and suicide for grades 6-12.  The presentation is crafted to allow students to understand the devastating effect suicide has on friends and family along with the facts and statistics of depression and empowers students on how they CAN make a difference by becoming a resource within their school.

For more information with respect to Hanna4Hope providing a Community Workshop and School Assembly in your town, church or corporate affiliation, we HOPE you will contact us.  Please feel free to reach out to us on our Contacts page.


Thank you so much for coming and all your foundation at Hanna4Hope did for our district!!  I couldn't have asked for more.  Y'all were all so informative but not too pushy on the subject either... I honestly felt like this program could not be any better it was so powerful and well received for our students and I hope you will come back at some point to Winona.   Courtney, Winona ISD

Thank you so much to you and your team for encouraging our kids yesterday.  The kids acted way better than I expected which has a large part with how engaging your presentation was for them.   Josh, Frisco ISD