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Our mission is to educate families and community leaders on the possible signs of suicide and to provide a variety of resources for parents, teens, and community organizations. Hanna4Hope brings the hush-hush subject of teen suicide to the attention of young people and employs their influence on their peers to offer help and support when it’s needed most.


United States

• Each minute, 3 teenagers in the United States attempt suicide.
• Per the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), there were 4,600 youth suicides in 2015 making suicide the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States for youth between the ages of 10-24.


• Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for youth 10-24 in Texas.
• Texas is ranked 9th among states for suicide in the United States.
• 491 deaths by suicide occurred in 2014 for ages 10-24 in Texas (Texas Dept. of State Health Services)
• There were 732 total deaths by suicide in 2014 for all ages in 11 counties in the North Texas area.

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WHAT WE DO: Through our Hanna4Hope workshops and assemblies we are able to bring awareness and form leaders within schools, organizations, community groups, clubs and churches. We encourage our parents and community to attend our educational workshops or assemblies with the teens. Our objectives for all ages that include:

• Talking ‘Real’ with Teens. Real questions... Real Answers... (Teen Interaction Workshop)
• Developing a Community of Support: Resourcing Together to Keep People Safe
• Having Hard Conversations About Teen Suicide

WHO ARE WE: Hanna4Hope, Inc. is a nonprofit foundation that brings teenage suicide — one of the leading causes of death among today’s youth — to the forefront of communities. Through educational workshops, school assemblies, charitable donations, fundraisers and other community-based events, Hanna4Hope endeavors to reduce the devastating effects of suicide on our youth, their families and friends.

Our Mission: The Hanna4Hope Foundation educates families and community leaders about the signs of suicide and provides a variety of resources for teens, parents and community organizations.

Our world moves so fast that our youth neither understand nor have the tools necessary to cope with today’s ongoing challenges. Too many times, they think there is no way out except, ending their lives.

“Thank you so much for sharing your story and bringing Hanna4Hope to Fowler yesterday.  We actually loved the variety in the assembly, having Raina and Brandi share personal stories, the video that empowered students to realize they can help and be a resource that can make a difference, the medical/psychological facts and information provided by Children’s Health and of course, getting students involved at the end.”
Kristin, Frisco ISD

“I really appreciate you and the Hanna4Hope foundation. The presentation was the best I've ever experienced in my 20 years as an educator. You got the attention of middle school students, who actually sat and listen to the information. Thanks for sharing your story and delivering an age appropriate message. I will see you in a couple of years because this message has to reach as many of our students as possible.
As for your program and presentation, I would not change a thing. The engagement with the student's not just the interactive part but the message was awesome. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Ellen Williams-Stanley, B.S.,M.A.
Middle School Counselor, Katy-K- 8th | International Leadership of Texas

Hanna Clark

Hanna Clark

Tim and Raina Clark

Tim and Raina Clark



Tim and Raina Clark are the proud parents to Hanna Clark. However, on April 25, 2013 their world was changed forever by the tragic and impulsive decision made by their 15 year old daughter Hanna to end her own life. The topic of suicide was brought to the forefront of Raina and Tim’s world on that day. While trying to understand the reason why Hanna would do such a thing and reaching out to various resources for parents of teen suicide, they have learned that this action is the leading cause of death in youth between the ages of 10 and 24 in the State of Texas with very little, if at all, services available or provided to the teens contemplating suicide themselves.

Hanna’s death and the realization of the lack of knowledge, resources and information into the reasons why a teen would commit suicide and resources available to them have provided Raina and Tim with a mission of bringing this tragedy out into the open. Unwillingly now having a personal relationship with the effects of suicide, Raina and Tim knew that they needed to raise awareness of teen suicide’s devastating infliction upon families and friends of the victims and to continue to financially support research in teen suicide prevention and awareness to hopefully prevent this tragedy from happening to another family.

Together Raina and Tim founded Hanna4Hope, Inc., a non- profit organization to bring awareness of the issues around teenage suicide. As Raina states, “If this can happen to my family, it can happen to anyone’s family. Before April 25th of 2013, I was just a typical wife, mother and career woman. Now I am an advocate for raising awareness of teen suicide throughout the Nation.”

Hanna’s favorite verse in the Bible was Philippians 4:13 which is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Tim and Raina apply this verse to their lives every day just as Hanna would want them to.



Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas

The crisis line is staffed by trained, caring volunteers who are able to talk an listen 365 days a year.
Our services are free and confidential. 




National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A 24-hour, toll-free, confidential suicide prevention hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.




SPARC (Suicide Prevention and Resilience in Children) at Children's Medical Center

A Multi-disciplinary, intensive outpatient program for youth at risk for self-harm and their families, with a focus on skill building and safety planning.



You can help change the alarming rate of teen suicide by helping Hanna4Hope create awareness to protect our youth. Donations, sponsorships and event participation all help support awareness. Together we can help students and families recognize the warning signs of suicide and support the efforts of community organizations to end to the unnecessary death of our young people.


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