Our Role

Our world moves so fast that our youth neither understand nor have the tools necessary to cope with the today’s ongoing challenges. Too many times, they think there is no way out except ending their lives.

Hanna4Hope is an organization dedicated to ending the devastating heartbreak that destroys lives and leaves families in despair, often experiencing shame, guilt and confusion. Hanna4Hope brings the hush-hush subject of teen suicide to the attention of young people and employs their influence on their peers to offer help and support when it’s needed most.

Hanna4Hope actively organizes teen committees and clubs at public and private schools.  These organizations, led by school officials, meet to focus on the many challenges faced by young people, including bullying, dating, taking tests, adverse family environments, and stresses related to college.

The clubs organize and rally the student body, encouraging students to watch for signs of depression or abnormal sadness among their peers. Peer support lets troubled teens know they are not alone, that there is help with teens feel unaccepted and troubled.

Peers understand and communicate with each other differently than parents and teachers.  Theirs is a private world and, often, adults are not allowed.

Teen organizations fostered by Hanna4Hope bridge the gap and create lifelines for those who are struggling.  There is help.  There is hope.  There is a better future for our young people. 

You Can Help

You can help change the alarming rate of teen suicide by helping Hanna4Hope create awareness to protect our youth. Donations, sponsorships and event participation all help support awareness. Together we can help students and families recognize the warning signs of suicide and support the efforts of community organizations to end to the unnecessary death of our young people.