Learn more about Hanna

My name is Tim Clark. I am Hanna Kay Clark’s dad. My wonderful wife and the mother of our sweet daughter is Raina Clark. The date April 25, 2013 is a day that will have an impact on my family forever. You see, my daughter made an impulsive decision that has created a void in our lives that will never go away. She took her own life and the effects of that tragic day leave scars on everyone that was close to her. She was just 15 years old. She was born September 16, 1997. She lived in Fate,  Texas. She had a brother named Christopher Clark and a sister named Cassidy Cameron. She was an aunt to Cadence and Jaxon Cameron.

Hanna had many wonderful attributes. She was beautiful, caring, kind, full of laughter, trustworthy, innocent (still believing in Santa Claus), and lots of times just goofy. She was very athletic and loved to play volleyball. She played school and club volleyball. The number on her jersey was #4, which is the same number that is on the logo of our foundation (Hanna4Hope). Her many friends would come to know her best by her contagious laughter. Besides ​​playing volleyball she loved to travel, hang out in her room, and wrap her little cat Patches up in a blanket and carry her around like a small infant. She enjoyed hanging out with her cousins, Hayden and Hartlie. Of course, you could never pry away her phone from her hands.

We believe Hanna was taken from us at such a young age for a reason. Our Faith and Belief in our God gives us hope that we will see our daughter again in that glorious place called Heaven. We want people to know that our daughter was very special and the impact she had on people then and now, through the Hanna4Hope Foundation, will be absolutely profound.

Hanna's favorite verse in the Bible was Philippians 4:13 which is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". We apply this verse to our lives every day just as Hanna would want us to do.

Thank you for your time and may God bless you. Phil. 4:13...