Important Numbers
  • 214-456-8899 Eating Disorders Treatment

  • 214-456-8899 Inpatient and Day Treatment 

  • 214-456-5937​ Outpatient Appointments 

Suicide and Resilience at Children's (SPARC)

"A Multi-disciplinary, intensive outpatient program for youth at risk for self-harm and their families, with a focus on skill building an safety planning."

Children's Medical Center Suicide Prevention and Resilience at Children’s (SPARC) program is an evidence-based, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) focusing on reducing risk for self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. SPARC is a suicide prevention program within the Department of Psychiatry at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, providing clinical care, training, and research opportunities to reduce teen suicide. 

214-456-3600  SPARC at Children's Medical Center

214-456-5900  Children's Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

214-456-2100  Children's Emergency Room

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Who is This Program For?

Adolescents, ages 12-17 years, who:

  • Have made a recent suicide attempt or have significant worsening of suicidal thoughts 
  • Require more intensive care than available through outpatient services
  • Are available to attend 6-9 hours of treatment each week
  • Are seeing a therapist or psychiatrist in the community 

All teens must be in treatment with a psychiatrist and/or therapist. Assistance in locating these serves will be provided, and may be available though the Children's Outpatient Clinic.

How Can a Teen be Referred to the Program?

Providers & Parents

Current treatment providers & parents can contact the Children's Care Coordinator at 214-456-3600 to provide information about the teen they would like to refer. Important information to provide will include:

  • Patient name, gender, and age
  • Reason for referral 
  • Brief history of psychiatric symptoms and treatments

If appropriate for the program, the Care Coordinator asks to speak to both the current treatment providers and the family prior to scheduling an intake assessment.

What is the Wait Time Prior to Intake and Starting the Program?

Due to the severity of suicidal behaviors, we make every effort to conduct intake assessments as soon as possible, and group participation may begin within 1-2 days of intake in the program is appropriate for the teen. 

For teens referred from providers in the community, the Care Coordinator will need to speak with the provider(s) prior to scheduling the intake. Therefore, parents will need to provide authorization allowing communication between Children's and current provider.